Photo: Dani Fresh

Old Recycle Bicycle Mural


Presenting Sprocket Mural Works’ first mural! Created in 2015, the mural brightened the side of the original location of Recycle Bicycle. This nonprofit’s mission is to provide Harrisburg residents, especially those of limited means, with bicycles as a form of safe, reliable, affordable transportation.

Recycle Bicycle moved from Atlas Street in Uptown Harrisburg, to an 80-year-old former warehouse at 1722 Chestnut Street, in the Allison Hill neighborhood, in 2019. As part of the 2021 HBG Mural Fest, Sprocket brought Sequinot back to complete a new, larger mural on the new building

The Artist


SR81 is a self-taught artist and Harrisburg resident who creates street art style portraits focusing on capturing the beauty of unfiltered emotion and relationships, utilizing layered hand cut stencils.

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