Photo: Sean Simmers

Recycle Bicycle

1722 Chestnut Street, Harrisburg, PA

Joyful children on bikes are depicted in a blue- and purple-toned mural encompassing two sides of the nonprofit Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg (RBH) facility, 1722 Chestnut St, in the Allison Hill neighborhood. The mural by Harrisburg artist Ralphie Seguinot, also known as SR81, pays homage to one of Sprocket’s first murals created—at RBH’s previous location. Seguinot utilized some of the same stencils he created and hand-cut for the previous mural. He reimagined his original design concepts into the new mural, for simultaneously original yet familiar artwork.

The Artist


SR81 is a self-taught artist and Harrisburg resident who creates street art style portraits focusing on capturing the beauty of unfiltered emotion and relationships, utilizing layered hand cut stencils.

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