Strategic Plan

Our Culture

We are a team of individuals taking action to improve quality of life through community-facing art.

We are problem-solvers that make mural art happen. We collaborate and motivate each other, combining our diverse skills towards tangible results. It is hard work, but the rewards are immense.

Mural art brightens our world and uplifts communities. It is one ingredient to inspiring positive, systemic change. This powerful concept drives us to act inclusively in all we do.

In 2021, Sprocket created a 230 foot long mural on the Mulberry Street Bridge in Harrisburg, PA. Photo: Michael Yatsko

Our Values

In furtherance of our mission, we uphold values that set us apart:

  • We fairly pay all our artists. We respect their time and value of their work. Compensation opens mural opportunities to more people.
  • We directly engage the community. We respect the people who live and work in the areas we do our projects

Sprocket is proud to have demonstrated a strong track-record of upholding these values in all the projects we’ve managed.

Focus On Growth

Sprocket is growing, and we have longer-term goals beyond just murals (which we’ll always do). We aim to become a regular, year-round presence in our community.

Ideas for this include:

  • Advanced educational programs for city youth, such as mentorship with professional mural artists.
  • Facilities for hosting community workshops, exhibits and visiting muralists.
  • Guidance for similar initiatives starting up elsewhere, spreading the positive impacts of murals across the country.
  • Staff dedicated to operating and developing our non-profit organization, further maximizing our impact.

Strategic Alignment

The way we measure success goes beyond just checklists of tasks of traditional action plans.

We hold regular strategic conversations to continually align our actions with our mission, vision and culture. These conversations guide our operations, how we evaluate success and make adjustments to our action plans.

Most importantly, our strategic alignments keep us receptive to the communities we serve with our mural projects.

Be a Part of our Journey!

Sprocket is seeking investment to help make our expanded vision a reality. If your company or organization would like to support us, please contact us.

We’re also looking for leaders, of all backgrounds and expertise, to contribute their skills and experience. We hope to hear from you!