You’ve Got a Friend

Aerosol Kingdom
1535 North 6th Street, Harrisburg, PA

Sprocket Mural Works’ 50th mural in Harrisburg celebrates multiple themes—the love between pets and their adopters, and Harrisburg’s diversity during Hispanic Heritage Month. In support of the Human Society of the Harrisburg Area, Justin Suarez of Rochester, NY was selected to create the mural. Justin’s portfolio is full of wildlife and nature-themed murals depicted in vibrant color.

“To me, the way to convey the mission of the Humane Society is to show an adopted pet with its owner, to illustrate that special relationship,” said Justin Suarez. “When people see the mural, it’s my hope that they’re able to perceive the feeling and emotion captured in the image.”

The Artist

Aerosol Kingdom

Justin Suarez, a native of upstate New York, is a seasoned aerosol and fine artist renowned for his expansive spray-painted murals celebrating wildlife. With over two decades of experience, Suarez has adorned urban landscapes across the US and exhibited globally. Combining the agility of a raptor with his expertise as a bird handler at Wild Wings Animal Sanctuary, Suarez collaborates seamlessly with fellow artists, displaying punctuality, logistical mastery, and teamwork. In 2015, he co-founded Roc Paint Division, empowering Rochester’s youth through mural arts, employment, and training, leaving a lasting impact on the community for generations to come.

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