Photo: Landon Wise


Mz. Icar
139 S Duke St, York, PA 17401

The Artist

Mz. Icar

Mz. Icar is an anonymous art collective comprised primarily of Black Women. Our name is racIzM, backward. We recognize that gender and race are constructs and our identifications reflect this particular time, place, and context. We mention both primarily to contextualize the point of view of the work. Our members comprise of an Illustrator, Photographer, Videographer, Designer, Prop stylist, Street Artist, and Collage Artist. We started this collective to tell stories that celebrate Women, Global Blackness, and Play. Our work explores play, beauty, and radical liberation. It is informed by our collective experiences, and fascination with color, texture, and proportions. Our works are explorative element arrangements resulting in murals, photographs, illustrations, moving images, and installation work.

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