Photo: Landon Wise

There Is No Box

Michael Rice
139 S Duke St, York, PA 17401

“I’ve always believed that it’s important to push boundaries, break rules and embrace the inevitability of change. Some call it ‘thinking outside the box.’ But what if there was no box to begin with?”

The Artist

Michael Rice

Michael Rice, a self-taught visual artist, creates work that resonates with our digitally immersed era, where the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds are increasingly ambiguous. His art poses essential questions about our ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, natural from artificial, and organic from engineered in the face of technology's influence on human perception and the environment. Rooted in 80s and 90s counterculture yet deeply shaped by today's technological landscape, Rice's precise style defies categorization, offering a distinctive aesthetic that spans from nostalgic to futuristic.

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