The Sight of the Stars Makes Me Dream

Sharnee Burnett
364 West Princess Street, York, PA

A vibrant mural featuring two beaming faces now adorns the side of 364 West Princess Street, adding a touch of joy to the neighborhood. Local artist Sharnee Burnett, of Harrisburg, assisted by Jacintha Kruc, from Philadelphia, brought this engaging artwork to life.

The project was a collaboration between Parliament Arts Organization and Sprocket Mural Works and was made possible through generous funding from the Powder Mill Foundations and contributions from the local community.

The mural showcases participants from The Advantage Program, an organization dedicated to empowering and mentoring youth in York through after-school programs. Titled after a Vincent Van Gogh quote, “The Sight of the Stars Makes Me Dream,” the mural aims to reflect the potential, hopes and dreams of the local community.

Meg Caruso, co-founder and President of Sprocket Mural Works, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, saying, “It’s a beautiful project to kick off the mural season. York is lucky to have creative organizations like Parliament Arts, and supporters who are invested in making the city shine.”

Sharnee Burnett, a talented artist and graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, has been working with Sprocket Mural Works since the age of 17. This is the first time Burnett took the lead as both the designer and painter. Reflecting on the opportunity, Burnett expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am so grateful to Parliament and Sprocket for the opportunity to paint. I hope this mural inspires others to achieve great things and forever dream.”

Thank you to Four Squares Development and Construction for use of the wall and for site coordination.

The Artist

Sharnee Burnett

Painting and drawing portraits and figures is a specialty of mine. I have dedicated years of practice to perfect my drawings and paintings. Growing up I would always be drawing at home and school to bring my imagination to life. Being an artist was something that I dreamed of accomplishing when I was a kid. Seeing people’s reactions to my art has made me realize that I want to inspire more people to be positive. Painting huge murals is a great way to inspire a whole community and I was so grateful that I got the chance to do so.

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