The Shibuya Soul Steppers

Blake Showers
139 S Duke St, York, PA 17401

“This was such a great experience. When I was growing up, I loved comics and manga. There weren’t a lot of people in those genres that looked like me. I felt left out or that I shouldn’t like that stuff since I don’t see people that look like me. I never want a kid to feel the way I was feeling, So now in my work I try to show people of color very frequently.

“This mural helped me be able to do that on a large scale. These characters are all superheros from space. Some have magic roller skates as their powers. Some are super strong. Some talk to animals. Some have gadgets and tools that help them as well. I was very inspired by afrofuturism. Parliament-Funkadelic were big inspirations for the outfits and theme of this mural.

“This was the biggest mural I’ve ever done, and I learned so much from it. Working with Sprocket was so amazing! I had a lot of help and encouragement from friends and family. I hope to do more mural work like this in the future!”

The Artist

Blake Showers

Blake Showers is an illustrator from Birmingham, AL. His work is inspired by Hip Hop and Japanese culture. He specializes in character design and world building. Blake currently attends Millersville University studying Art Education.

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