Sweet Encounter

117 E King St, York, PA 17401

“Our mural depicts two American black bears playfully peeking out from behind vibrant flora. The bears are attempting to reach the sweet honey treat that the bees have worked so hard to make. But within all the foliage, one bear has noticed the other and well, maybe the sweet encounter goes beyond just the honey. 

“With this mural we are excited to be adding a bright and colorful piece to another community. We have seen time and time again how murals energize and uplift communities and we are always eager to have a part in doing so.”

The Artist


The Miami-based artists merged their independent art careers to form TRATOS. The name signifies their artistic union through a combination of their last names, Travieso and Santos. "Tratos" in Spanish represents a commitment, a bond, and a promise to create a shared artistic reality in their paintings and murals. With this collaboration, they aim to tell a unique, expansive story rooted in their personal experiences. Their current focus is on nurturing, expanding, and reshaping the entity that is TRATOS, drawing inspiration from each other while allowing their personal journeys to shape their art. Their distinct strengths complement each other seamlessly: Travieso's precision in hard angles and fine details contrasts beautifully with Santos' talent for soft edges and bold color. Together, they explore uncharted territories in their artistic playgrounds.

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