Matt Halm
51 South Front Street, Steelton, PA

Sprocket’s first mural in Steelton, PA pays homage to themes chosen by surveyed residents—history, diversity, and the people of Steelton. The artist, Matt Halm, hails from Allentown, PA, another town made famous by its steel production. Halm, experienced in community-driven murals, invited the public to help paint the mural over several days. The project was sponsored by and is located at Mid Penn Bank.

The Artist

Matt Halm

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to a jet engine mechanic and an elementary school teacher, I was nurtured in a loving environment that fostered my early passion for art. Encouraged by my grandparents, particularly my grandmother, a student of Walter Baum, I honed my skills on any available surface, driven by an insatiable curiosity. My trajectory towards becoming a professional artist crystallized during my time at the Allentown Academy of the Arts in Allen High School, where I recognized the transformative power of art and envisioned a career in the field. Despite initial struggles after college, I found my footing in mural art, apprenticing under seasoned professionals and eventually carving out my own path. Today, as an accomplished muralist and passionate teacher, I continue to channel my creativity into inspiring others and using art as a tool for social change, viewing it as a form of expressive journalism aimed at challenging perceptions and fostering compassion within communities.

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