Photo: Landon Wise

Spatial Awareness

Kate Lewis
121 E Princess St, York, PA 17401

“My greatest inspiration in MC Escher, and one of his quotes is, ‘we adore chaos because we love to produce order.’ I always related to that. I try to keep that in mind when making designs, kind of creating a puzzle as I’m solving it. I like using vibrant palettes to really catch attention and attract energy, coming up with distinctive bold imagery that attracts viewers to problem solve, and prompts passerby’s to pause as they move through their day.”

The Artist

Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis is a Chicago-based artist focused on large scale mural installations and illustrative design work. Her paintings can be found throughout the US, in and outside of municipal structures, arenas, offices, restaurants, and residences, while her branded client portfolio includes names like United Airlines, Google, Disney, Lululemon, YETI, Jameson, Jack Daniels, The Chicago Bulls, Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and more. Lewis’ style is best recognized by her clean and hard lines, bold use of color, and emphasis on “impossible geometry” inspired by architectural elements, and artists like MC Escher & Oscar Reutersvard.

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