Photo: Landon Wise

Space Between

Pamela Black
Strawberry Square, Market Street, Harrisburg, PA

“My paintings often serve as reflections of my soul’s landscape—they are visual records of my emotions, findings, and my everyday thoughts. I use paint as a tool to guide my experiences and memories onto canvas, and in this case, a large wall. Painting and creating something visual can often serve as a cathartic method of self expression, which has been something I’ve turned to my entire life, but became a necessity to me over the past year. Intense grief, sickness, mourning, and starting a new life after experiencing a huge loss, were the inspirations behind this mural. After losing my dad (the most incredible person I’ve ever known) in April, a year following his cancer diagnosis, I found myself processing his death through my paintings. For this mural, I’ve chosen colors, marks, and movements that reflect sadness, anger, guilt, hope, renewal, strength, and above all, love.”

The Artist

Pamela Black

Pam Black is a local painter who works primarily with fluid acrylics and watercolors. Her creative practice involves constant experimentation, exploration, and serves as a source of mediation which is rooted in abstraction. She received her BFA from Kutztown Uni- versity of Pennsylvania and holds her Masters in Education, which she obtained while teaching art for five years. She has exhibited in galleries nationally over the past fifteen years and has a studio space at The Millworks in Midtown Harrisburg. She spends her days creating art from her in-home studio while juggling the roles of mother and artist.

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