Photo: Landon Wise


Bailey Sullivan
121 E Princess St, York, PA 17401

“This mural is inspired by decades of beautiful sardine packaging that designers have created, oftentimes overlooked due to its small scale. As an illustrator, one of my favorite things to create is packaging. I love that people can hold and interact with it, and how in many cases, the design alone can set apart an otherwise ubiquitous product. Much like when I work on traditional packaging, I hope people can interact with this piece—just in a much different way!”

The Artist

Bailey Sullivan

Bailey is a Texas-raised illustrator based in Richmond, VA. Her work aims to re-interpret the ordinary through bright colors, symmetry and simple shapes. Bailey’s work is inspired by European folk art and typically features florals and other elements of nature. Although she is primarily focused on digital illustration she also expresses her work through murals, painted canvas and textiles.

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