King Prolifik
928 James Street, Harrisburg, PA

An Interweaving of Past, Present and Future

A new mural near the State Capitol celebrates Black community and culture. The mural at 928 James St (near Third and Forster) was guided by a group of Black leaders, artists, business owners and community activists of Harrisburg. Harrisburg-based artist Bryan “King Prolifik” Hickman, 31, describes the mural design as “Afro-inspired,” depicting the striking portrait of a Black woman and incorporating themes of African American strength, appreciation for youth, and thirst for knowledge. The project was sponsored by D&H and Lenovo.

“As a 4th generation Harrisburg resident and raised in the midtown area, many people overlook the vibrancy of our city and what it has to offer,” says Ruby Doub, steering committee member. “This mural unveils the hues of our resilience and the power of our perseverance. It gives generations the opportunity to see we’re still here, still standing, and united in more ways than one.”

The Artist

King Prolifik

Bryan "King Prolifik" Hickman is a Visual Artist of Infinite Mediums. King Prolifik started his art journey during his childhood. Art became a safe haven for King Prolifik to express himself.

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