Photo: Anela Bence Selkowitz

Plant a Seed

Suzanne Rende
288 Cumberland St, Harrisburg, PA 17102

“For this mural, I was given the theme of ‘Growth and Flourish.’ It made me think about the cycles of nature. In plants we see seed, bud, flower, fruit and metamorphosis in insects. My goal was to touch on every step of that growth process while creating a colorful composition. I am often inspired by¬†exploring my own backyard, my own gardens, my environment so this is where I found my subject matter for the design.¬†

“The cosmos, daisies and milkweed are all drawn from photos that I have taken in my newest garden. I love following a bee, spider or butterfly visiting my flowers and capturing close up images. All of the flowers in the mural have been favorites of mine in several gardens that I have maintained. Peonies are a common flower in my paintings. I featured them in this mural knowing its rich, deep, center color would be a point to draw you in.

“‘Plant a Seed’ is what I titled the mural. As I painted, it occurred to me that not only do I want to make a beautiful and positive contribution to the neighborhood but to inspire the viewer to do any positive thing. My hope is that the viewer may plant a physical seed and grow a garden, be inspired to paint or create, smile and pass on a compliment, call their grandmother, anything to pass on a bit of happiness.”

The Artist

Suzanne Rende

Since my earliest memories, I've been immersed in the world of creativity, from doodling to painting and sewing. My passion for murals took root when I painted my first one on my bedroom wall at 12, and it has been a constant in my life for over 30 years. Graduating from Hussian School of Art in 1993, I always strive to "paint happy," creating a dream world where animals replace people but retain human emotions and connections. My murals, spanning various states and spaces, led me to establish my own business, The Artful Nest in Marietta, PA, specializing in nature-inspired art. Through positivity, fun, and whimsy, I aim to convey happiness, inviting viewers to imagine the stories and relationships among the cute creatures I love to paint. I'm grateful for my journey and excited about the future.

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