Photo: Landon Wise

Perennial Bloom

Robert Homan
136 E Newton Ave, York, PA 17401

“We come and go, but flowers continue to share their beauty year after year for generations to come. They teach us the purpose of death is the promise of growth.”

The Artist

Robert Homan

Rob, hailing from Lancaster County, nurtured his passion for woodworking from an early age while exploring the forests and crafting furniture in his father's woodshop. With an architecture degree from Temple University and five years of experience in design/build firms in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, he now serves as a creative director at TAIT, focusing on high-level concepts in computer modeling. Despite his digital work, Rob's heart remains with woodworking, particularly drawn to its versatile and soulful nature. His woodcarving journey led him to crafting functional objects like utensils, bowls, cutting boards, tables, and stools. Recently inspired by his Polish heritage and traditional folk art forms like Wycinanki and Pysanky, Rob has incorporated these designs into larger woodcarving projects, infusing them with vibrant acrylic and spray paint to bring their bright colors and intricate textures to life.

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