Photo: Haley Harned


Jacintha Kruc
920 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA

Jacintha Clark is a multi-disciplinary creative who integrates mural art, fine art, and the decorative art worlds into her work with consideration and balance. She has over 19 years of experience painting murals, as well as expertise in scenic painting and backdrops for esteemed theaters across the country. Jacintha’s murals center around the natural beauty of flowers because they are universally enjoyed and carry a multitude of historic and cultural meanings. This mural featuring a Passion flower is one of many murals Jacintha has created for Sprocket.

“My intention is for these flowers to condense moments, reconcile polarities, uplift hearts and inspire joy. Murals are owned by the public which allows me to present a flower to each city as a gesture of appreciation, emblem of possibilities and power to the community. I research and select flowers that are either local or have a special meaning for the space.” — Jacintha Clark

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Jacintha Kruc

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