Mulberry Street Bridge

Ian Potter, Megan Caruso, King Prolifik, Sharnee Burnett, Jonathan Molina, Kwatei Hector, Community Volunteers
337 Chestnut St, Harrisburg, PA 17101

After missing its previous mural for the last several years, the Mulberry Street Bridge is once again alive with a vibrant new mural celebrating the life of our community. Stretching over 230 feet in length, it is Harrisburg’s largest mural project to date. It features over a dozen faces of real friends and neighbors of Allison Hill, connected with floral elements and color. Led by New York City-based muralist (and Harrisburg native) Ian Potter, the apprenticeship project also involved the talents of Sharnee Burnett, Kwatei Hector, Bryan Hickman and Jonathan Molina to paint the portraits, with over 100 volunteers helping to fill in the colors.

“Growing up in Harrisburg in the 90s, I didn’t see the presence of a mural community, so it’s really cool to come back home and have the opportunity to work with some of the younger generation—giving them some of the literal as well as figurative tools.”

In the News

Portrait of the Community: Sprocket Mural Works’ largest project showcases Harrisburg residents, behind the brush and on the wall
Odds are, if you travel through Brooklyn, N.Y., you’ll see some of Harrisburg-native Ian Potter’s artwork—it’s hard to miss. Although his name suggests a different type of art, Potter is a painter. Much of his time is spent on ladders, lifts and platforms against Brooklyn buildings. He works for Colossal Media, a mural company that hand paints advertisements for brands like Nike, Spotify, Amazon and Coca Cola
TheBurg / Sept 30, 2021

The Artists

Ian Potter

Ian Potter is a Brooklyn-based artist specializing in Mural Painting, Theatre Design, Illustration and anything in between.

Megan Caruso

Megan Caruso is an artist, designer and public art producer in Harrisburg, PA. She is the co-founder and executive director of Sprocket Mural Works, creative director for TheBurg magazine and creator at Quiet Clay.

King Prolifik

Bryan "King Prolifik" Hickman is a Visual Artist of Infinite Mediums. King Prolifik started his art journey during his childhood. Art became a safe haven for King Prolifik to express himself.

Sharnee Burnett

Painting and drawing portraits and figures is a specialty of mine. I have dedicated years of practice to perfect my drawings and paintings. Growing up I would always be drawing at home and school to bring my imagination to life. Being an artist was something that I dreamed of accomplishing when I was a kid. Seeing people’s reactions to my art has made me realize that I want to inspire more people to be positive. Painting huge murals is a great way to inspire a whole community and I was so grateful that I got the chance to do so.

Jonathan Molina

Jonathan was born and raised in York, PA and takes much of his inspiration from God, his culture, and family including his two children, fiancee, parents and five brothers. He's passionate about bringing his visual style to life through spray paint, acrylics, airbrush and more.

Kwatei Hector

A talented artist from Harrisburg, PA, Kwatei has gained recognition for his captivating artwork showcased in local galleries. His unique style pushes artistic boundaries, earning praise from enthusiasts and collectors. With exhibitions expanding his reach, Kwatei's presence in the art scene, locally and beyond, is undeniable. Anticipation surrounds his future endeavors, as he continues to captivate audiences with visually stunning pieces.

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