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Aron Rook
South 3rd Street & Blackberry Street, Harrisburg, PA

Aron Rook paints her first mural.

Located on the corner of Third and Blackberry St., you’ll find a mural inspired by maternal care. Local artist Aron Rook described the mural scene as “a magical mama figure protecting the children in the neighborhood.”

This is Aron’s first mural of this scale. “This was a big project for me, but the thing that got me the most was that there were o many people who would say nice things. They’d yell ‘thank you’ out of their car windows and honk as they drove by. All day long this would happen. People would even pack their lunch and come sit on the sidewalk to watch me paint,” she said.

The Artist

Aron Rook

Aron Rook of Cumberland County, PA is a muralist, illustrator, and wood carver. She has been immersed in the arts since she was a small child: ballet, music, drawing, and now visual arts that fill walls and extend beyond two dimensions.

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