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Annelise Vuono
140 E Newton Ave, York, PA 17401

“‘Hope’ was originally created as a digital sketch that later progressed to 16″x20” Oil Painting. I created it after leaving my graphic design job to pursue a career more heavily focused on my first love, illustration.

“The piece itself is an allegorical representation of the feeling that one might experience post drowning. In this case, the figure is immersed in dark water holding a faint white light that could be interpreted as the ‘afterlife’. I was at a time in my life were I spent around twelve hours a day painting in a dark studio, listening to ethereal music and forgetting to eat. As I started to near completion for this piece my mindset shifted from the encompassing ‘darkness’ of the painting to focus on the light. At that point I decided to name it ‘Hope’, a small light at the end of any tunnel.

“Much of my personal work depicts a watery theme with seldom hints of ‘rebirth’. I want to evoke emotion, but the aim is truly for the viewer to relate their own story to my paintings.”

The Artist

Annelise Vuono

Annelise's style is characterized by figurative elements within abstract environments. Her paintings in particular feature strong color schemes and an emotional presence. Originally based out of Central Pennsylvania, Annelise is the daughter of an art educator and designer. She began drawing at a young age finding inspiration from fantasy films, music, graphic novels, and nature. Later, she graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Annelise has been working for years in various visual art fields and participates in gallery showings yearly. Her work has been published in books and magazines, and featured among athletic and fashion venues. In addition to creating art, Annelise has a passion for community involvement, including volunteering, educating, and raising awareness for the arts. In recent years she has shifted her focus mainly to large scale, public works.

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