Sharnee Burnett, Jacintha Kruc, Jeff Copus
250 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA
Made possible by:
Midtown Cinema, Lift Development, Community Donations

Inspired by the growth of Midtown and its local flora, the mural features stylized flowering trees and a sun that rises and sets in the background signifying the transition point that is this neighborhood – one that goes from commercial to residential. At its core this is Harrisburg.

The design was fueled by the resurrection of a once lost font composed of combinations of four basic shapes. The font originally designed by America Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Medalist Alvin Lustig (1915-1955) was brought back to life by Lancaster-based designer Craig Welsh who worked with Lustig’s window, Elaine Lustig Cohen. A movie documenting the font’s creation is forthcoming. Of the designs presented this received the most votes from local residents.

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