Photo: Landon Wise

Common Threads

Leo Shallat
144 S Howard St, York, PA 17401

The Artist

Leo Shallat

Based in Seattle, WA, Leo Shallat has always been captivated by art, initially through graffiti, and later, typography, calligraphy, and lettering-based art. In 2018, he was honored with a year-long scholarship to study formal European gothic calligraphy under the guidance of renowned calligrapher Paul Antonio Attong. As Leo honed his calligraphic skills, he simultaneously ventured into a spontaneous and fluid artistic style, deconstructing letter forms into abstract compositions that blended his fascination with mark-making, dance, and lyrical expression. His work, rooted in calligraphic techniques, now thrives on the balance of illegibility and accessibility, prompting intuition over literal interpretation. Leo's latest series of brush stroke paintings is a meditative journey, using art as a conduit to engage both himself and the viewer in the present moment.

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