Brandon’s Mural

Brandon Spicer-Crawley
1321 North 4th Street, Harrisburg, PA

The Artist

Brandon Spicer-Crawley

A versatile and improvisational artist, Brandon Spicer-Crawley (b. 1980) works with a wide range of material, including wood collage, ceramic, calligraphy ink, paper sculpture, and acrylic paint pen. His style is both free-form and carefully crafted, with recurring motifs of letters, police officers, and squiggly lines. Creating dynamic compositions of abstract shape and figurative forms, Spicer-Crawley develops an electric series of marks emanating outward, creating vibrating, dynamic spaces. Since 2011, Spicer-Crawley has worked in the studio at CCW, a professional art program serving adults with intellectual disabilities. He lives with his family in Jeffersonville, PA.

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